WP Github: A simple plugin for wordpress

WP Github is a simple plugin that retrieves public information from your Github account. You can add up to four different widgets in your sidebar to display repositories, commits, issues and gists. Also you can list all the info in the posts and pages using shortcodes.


Widgets don’t have complicated options just the necesary request the necesary info to work. You only need to have in mind that this plugin only works with public content, at least for now.

WP Github Widget

Live Example

Here you can see my last 5 public repositories using the shortcode.
github-repos username="seinoxygen"

To show commits, issues and gists use:
github-commits username="seinoxygen" repository="wp-github"
github-issues username="seinoxygen" repository="wp-github"
github-gists username="seinoxygen"
Remember that shortcodes must be enclosed in brackets.


The plugin caches all the data retrieved from Github every 10 minutes to avoid exceed the limit of api calls.
You can clear the cache manually deleting the files from the folder /wp-content/plugins/wp-github/cache.

In the next releases I’ll add a settings panel to do this in a fancy way.


If you have found a bug/issue or have a feature request please report here: https://github.com/seinoxygen/wp-github/issues


You can download the plugin from here: https://github.com/seinoxygen/wp-github or using the plugin manager in wordpress.


Consider buy me a coffee to keep me working on this over night.